Living with Renovation Dust Clean Up Tips

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Home Renovation Dust Clean Up TipsStarting a renovation project inside your home is exciting for many reasons. The biggest reason is that whatever you’re renovating will be seen more often by you since you typically spend more time inside your home. The biggest drawback with renovating inside your home is the amount of dust that you’re more than likely going to experience. Of course, this all depends on the project you’re starting but without a doubt there is going to be a mess of some sort. We’ve been living with renovation dust outside since April (let’s be honest here just because there is renovation dust outside doesn’t mean it stays outside) and inside since August. In fact, as I write this blog post, John is adding drywall to my office. One thing that is for sure true with drywall is it will result in a heap load of dust.

The biggest tip we have for living with renovation dust and not going bonkers is making sure you have the proper tools and routine of cleaning after a day of work. We always make sure to clean up after a renovation project, even if we are dog tired. We’re big on keeping the inside of our house clean after a project even though the rest of the house is in chaos.

Here are our biggest helpful tools to making our lives a little bit easier while living with renovations.

  1. A good broom and pan can make a big difference in your clean up as well. We have two relatively medium but powerful broom and pan kits that help us sweep up debris. What we have left over is usually little tiny pieces that we can’t get in a sweep so the Shop-Vac comes in and sucks it all up. Boom! The area is clean!

  2. Speaking of a Shop-Vac...invest in a Shop-Vac cleaner! Our Shop-Vac has been our buddy throughout our process, especially when it comes to drywall dust. There are bags you can buy to go inside the vac to help with the clean up of the vac itself. Without a doubt, consider a Shop-Vac no matter what!

  3. Consider an inexpensive vacuum to pick up anything the broom and Shop-Vac missed. The dusty particles that comes with a lot of dusty projects can damage a vacuum cleaner so we don’t recommend using your expensive vacuum, such as a Dyson, to clean up this type of mess. Save your good vacuum cleaner for cleaning up after typical messes.

  4. Another tool to consider is an inexpensive mop to polish the final touches of your clean up. The mop will more than likely get dirty quickly so consider a product that is effective and that you won’t be upset if it gets ruined if used often.

Bonus tip:

  1. Dust masks are a big help for your health. A lot of the products that are associated with renovations aren’t really good for your lungs. In the moment of removing your popcorn ceiling you may not think you need to wear a mask, but you really should. We have heaps of masks lying around our renovation space so there is one always in reach. John and I make sure to remind each other to wear a mask during projects. The Dust mask won’t really supplement your cleaning routine but it’s an important element to consider while the mess is being made!

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